Digitally Undress: Wonderbra's Racy New App

Adriana Cernanova for Wonderbra.

Oh Hello Boys.

Wonderbra is keeping up with the times, getting into the digital swing of things by launching its first app.

With Victoria's Secret making headlines left and right, competition is stiff in the undie-world, and the lingerie brand refuses to become a relict of its '90s glory days.

Fresh new face of the brand, 21-year-old model Adriana Cernanova, fronts the downloadable Wonderbra Decoder App, allowing users to undress the blonde bombshell to reveal her racy Wonderbra underwear.

Holding an iPhone over magazine and online Wonderbra ads of the model, her clothes will instantly disappear, displaying different styles of the brand's barely-there bras and panties, from day-to-day intimates to special occasion pieces.

Martina Alexander, Marketing Manager for Wonderbra told the Daily Mail, "Wonderbra offers a bra for all occasions and we want to highlight this in a fun and original way. Our new App for fashion-conscious girls, reveals the recommended Wonderbra for different looks to help her enhance any outfit.'

Part of the lingerie brand's new marketing initiative, the campaign will run until the December holiday season.

The Wonderbra Decoder App is available now for free at the App Store and Google Play.