Splish Splash: Daphne Guinness's Bath Troubles

daphne guinness bath damages
Photo: Patrick McMullan

And they say you never get to know your neighbors in New York...

Karim and Tina Samii, residents of the $12 million apartment below Guinness's, claim their fashion-forward neighbor flooded their digs three times after leaving the water running.

The Samiis asked for $1 million in damages for "emotional distress" and—the most interesting part of this fiasco—requested a court order restricting Guinness from bathing.


Luckily, the avant-garde heiress is free to shower at will but has ponied up an undisclosed amount, reports the New York Post.

Should you see the Samiis at the elevator bank, Daphne—take the stairs. You might want to remove your McQueen heels first.