Black Diamond Dress Costs Over $5.6 Million

Photo: Debbie Wingham
The Black Diamond Debbie Wingham dress.

Checking and re-checking our bank balance as we contemplate that new Theory blazer for fall, British designer Debbie Wingham just blew our minds, and our bank account, with a diamond-embellished design costing over $5 million.

Recently debuted at Ukraine Fashion Week, Debbie Wingham's gown was created using 50 two-carat black diamonds, weighing a hefty 29 lbs, and costing about $5.7 million, according to the Daily Mail.

A piece on the bustier consists of five carats of black diamonds, the delicate peplum is adorned with 25 two carat black diamonds, and the rest of the embellishment is fine beading and white diamonds set in white gold with a very fine chainmail detail.

Talk about bedazzled, it's shocking the model can keep the heavy metal up.