Red Sole Rights: Christian Louboutin Wins Over YSL

louboutin red sole legality


Christian Louboutin's Bianca pump ... complete with red sole.

Just in time for Fashion Week, Christian Louboutin scores a win for his signature red-soled shoes!

A New York federal court of appeals declared Christian Louboutin entitled to trademark protection for its red-soled shoes, except when the shoe itself is red, reports WWD.

A year ago, Louboutin asked the court to stop the sale of the YSL pump while the footwear designer's trademark infringement lawsuit against Yves Saint Laurent was under review, but a federal court judge denied that request and questioned the validity of the lawsuit altogether, giving little hope to Louboutin coming out on top.

The current ruling prevents Yves Saint Laurent, and any other brand, from selling red-soled shoes, except for an all-red pump, so although it's a big win, Louboutin's struggle for sole solidarity continues.