Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Blooms in Dolce & Gabbana Florals, Talks Designing Lingerie

Photos: David Vasiljevic/ courtesy of Elle U.K

Everything's coming up Rosie!

Britain's hottest export—that'd be model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, duh—has landed on the cover of Elle U.K.'s September issue, which sees her decked out in Dolce & Gabbana's lush Fall 2012 floral prints in a nod to her straight-from-the-garden moniker.

Photographed by David Vasiljevic, the Burberry Body frontwoman dons designs from Chanel and Dior in the dreamy 13-page fashion spread. Oh, and those sexy little undergarments she's wearing? They're from her new Marks & Spencer lingerie collection.

Photo: David Vasiljevic/ Elle U.K
Rosie fronts Elle U.K.'s September issue.

"I've wanted to design ever since I can remember and I fell into modeling through wanting to design and then, through my modeling career I modeled a lot of lingerie," the former Victoria's Secret Angel says of her new career path.

Fortunately, one needn't have a supermodel figure to sport her boudoir-ready wares.

"My top goal is for it to be accessible and appealing to everybody," she says. "I didn’t design it for just me.”

Thank goodness for that. Meanwhile, the pouty-lipped Mad Max: Fury Road star—who claims that she "grew up very unaware of my body and how I look"—recounts her own struggle to succeed as a model.

“I wasn’t quite tall enough either and I hated it to be honest," she says. "There was no individuality, no opportunity to be individuals. I think that people forget you’re human and you just become an object. [In New York] I was constantly reminded that I wasn’t right wherever I went and that was difficult because I’d come from a place where it didn’t matter. For any young girl to be told they’re not good enough, every day, wherever they go ... ”

And why did she stick with it?

"I don’t know, I just had this thing, that this was where I was going, this was the opportunity that life had presented me with, this was my destiny and I wasn’t going to just pack it all in because these people gave me a hard time—and that’s still my attitude now.”

Out of the way, haters!

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