Olympics, Italian Style: Giorgio Armani Outfits His Home Team

Giorgio Armani Italian Olympic athletes

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani with the Italian Olympic team, all wearing his designs.

Looks like Giorgio Armani is sitting at the jocks' table.

The designer is the latest to unveil his sporty Olympics designs, in this case for the Italian team. (Ralph Lauren is, of course, outfitting the Yanks, while Stella McCartney's got the Brits taken care of.)

The athletes will wear specially-designed Emporio Armani items to competitions and formal events. The 50-piece collection comes in a palette of white and midnight blue. Special details—like the lyrics to Italy's national anthem embroidered in gold on the inside of shirt collars and jackets—give the lineup a patriotic feel.

The news comes on the heels of two other Olympics-themed headlines today: Vogue's June cover featuring hopefuls Ryan Lochte, Hope Solo and Serena Williams, and Opening Ceremony's Games-themed debut issue of their OC Annual mag. The countdown to London begins now....