Watch Agent Provocateur’s ‘The Chase’ Video

Note to would-be muggers: Don't mess with an Agent Provocateur woman.

After going super-sensual with its Spring 2012 films inspired by 1970s French erotica, the lingerie brand is injecting some humor into its ads with the just-released The Chase.

The minute-long short sees a beauty patiently waiting for the bus when a burly thug grabs a handbag belonging to the elderly woman standing next to her. Suddenly the model is transformed into superhero mode, chasing the assailant across traffic and through narrow alleyways and living rooms, at last pouncing on the guy in a park.

Here's the catch: Along the way, the vigilante vixen's clothes get ripped off. From the moment her floral wrap dress snags on a fence, she's naked save for some pretty revealing cut-out black lingerie from the brand's Classics' Margot range and a handy pair of running shoes.

Needless to say, the robber can't have been feeling too sorry for himself after being straddled by the scantily clad heroine, who shouts, "You're going down!" in his face.

And you've got to love the ad's tagline: "Sexy never takes a day off." Indeed.