Prada Dresses, Sponsors Italian National Sailing Team

Prada uniforms  Italian National Sailing team

Photos courtesy of Prada

A sketch of the Prada designed uniforms for the Italian National Sailing team.

Nothing like some new Prada duds to put a little wind in your sails.

Luckily, that will come in handy for Italy's national sailing team, which has not only landed the Italian label as an official sponsor, but will don Prada-branded uniforms as well.

The team will represent their nation at the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in sporty blue high-tech racing apparel paired with white sneakers with splashes of red, plus navy pants, white polos, and blue jackets with white shoulders.

The boats will be getting a high-fashion makeover of their own, with the Prada logo set to be displayed on all hulls and sails during the 2012 sailing season.

"Olympic classes are an irreplaceable step to allow a sailor’s talent to bloom," Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of the Prada Group, says in a press statement.

"However, the high potential—in terms of communication as well—of Olympic sailing is too often neglected, or underestimated. For a brand like Prada, which is so closely connected to the top level of this sport, it thus comes natural to encourage and support those sailors who may play a key role in other challenges in the future."

“We are extremely proud to have Prada as a sponsor," adds Federazione Italiana Vela president Carlo Croce.

"The Prada brand is not just a flagship of Italy worldwide, but it has always been very closely connected to our sport and has nearly become synonymous with major sailing challenges. Hence, this agreement reaches beyond a classic sponsorship arrangement, to become a full-fledged partnership: Patrizio Bertelli is an excellent sailor, very competent in all fields, and his advice will be extremely valuable for us."

Looks like Great Britain's Stella McCartney for Adidas kits will have some competition in the style stakes. Still, nothing accessorizes a Team USA Ralph Lauren ensemble quite like a gold medal ...