Keira Knightley Vamps It Up For Interview Magazine

Keira Knightley  April cover  Interview
Photo courtesy of Interview
Keira Knightley rocks a Balenciaga blazer on the April cover of Interview.

Keira Knightley is the queen of period pieces, but this time she's trading her circa-1800s corsets for '80s-issue leather pants and more-is-more makeup.

Teaming up with Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the British beauty unleashes her wild side with her April cover shoot for Interview Magazine, which includes a interview with A Dangerous Method director David Cronenberg. 

With her chiseled cheekbones, slicked-back wet-look locks, and vampy black leather ensembles from the likes of Balenciaga, the Chanel campaign star looks like the child of Annie Lennox and the "Addicted to Love" girls, which is at odds with her latest role: Anna Karenina in Joe Wright's adaptation of the same name.

Knightley opens up about playing the tragic Russian heroine—"I seem to be having a Russian moment," she says of her recent roles. "I've never even been to Russia."—and how she relishes the chance to bring yet another significant fictional character to life.

"Well, the thing about great fictional characters from literature, and the reason that they're constantly turned into characters in movies, is that they completely speak to what makes people human," she tells Cronenberg. 

"They're full of flaws as much as they are full of heroics. I think the reason that people love them and hate them so much is because, in some way, they always see a mirror of themselves in them, and you can always understand them on some level. Sometimes it's a terrifyingly dark mirror that's held up. I think, in a way, that's what Anna is. I'm not sure that people would feel the same about Sabina [her character in A Dangerous Method]."

Posing in Louis Vuitton leather pants paired with a Salvatore Ferragamo blazer and Erro harness, the actress fittingly moves on to a kinkier topic, the fascination with A Dangerous Method's spanking scene.

"I know with A Dangerous Method people liked the spanking an awful lot," she says. "But I'm not quite sure. It's weird, though, with the spanking. When we were in Venice, I didn't get asked about it once in however many days we were there. And then in Toronto I got asked about it a little bit more. But in England, it was pretty much the only thing I got asked about. I'm not quite sure what that says about the English."

On-screen spankings and sexy fashion spreads aside, Knightley says she avoids revealing too much of her intimate life to the public for fear it will affect her film performances.

Keira Knightley  April Interview

Photos courtesy of Interview

Knightley smolders in a Ferragamo blazer, Erro harness, Louis Vuitton pants and shoes (left) and the same Balenciaga blazer as the cover shot (right).

"I hate knowing too much when I'm going to the cinema and watching as a viewer," she says. 

"I don't want to know that the actor has just gone through a divorce. I don't want to know that the person is an alcoholic. It just gets in the way of my pleasure of watching the character on the screen. But right now I don't think you can avoid it. You know, everybody knows absolutely everything, so I wonder whether it suddenly changes what we see—if all of a sudden the stories are suddenly seen in a different light because you have these two realities going on at the same time. I think it does change something—and not for the better. I like watching films when I don't know anything about the people."

True ... but something tells us we'll be flashing back to that leather harness when Anna Karenina comes out.

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