Mary Katrantzou Was Inspired by Typewriters, Bathtubs for Fall 2012

Mary Katrantzou

Photo: Imaxtree

Mary Katrantzou's pencil dress, typewriter cape, and bathtub dress.

Art, travel, films—when it comes to inspiring a collection, the aforementioned are pretty standard. But typewriters and bathtubs?

London designer Mary Katrantzou went that route for her Fall 2012 collection, allowing all things “mundane” to spark her creativity.

“So far it’s been about looking at art and design for inspiration,” the designer told the Guardian. “So I thought it’d be interesting for me to take a step back from that and look at items we use in an everyday way and make them look not so everyday.”

Some of those items include typewriters, telephones, Post-its, bathtubs, tiles, and pencils—which found their way to a witty "pencil" skirt.

Katrantzou worked with the famed Lesage couture house on some of the pieces.

“They were very excited [about] the pencil pencil skirt!” she laughed. “It’s about taking an idea that you wouldn’t necessarily create [and doing it] in a very couture-like way. It’s all about having fun with your garment.”

And what could be more fun than pearl bubbles filling up a bathtub dress?