François-Henri Pinault Blasts Christian Louboutin Lawsuit

François-Henri Pinault
Photo: Getty Images
Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault

Christian Louboutin may have Tiffany & Co. and Diane von Furstenberg in his corner, but PPR head François-Henri Pinault is far from impressed at the footwear designer's trademark infringement lawsuit against PPR brand Yves Saint Laurent, Women's Wear Daily reports.

Following scathing comments Louboutin, who is suing YSL over its use of red soles, made to Libération comparing PPR to counterfeiters out to destroy his label, the PPR chairman and CEO defended his brand in a press conference

"We won the first proceedings in quite precise, clear terms and I am therefore very confident with regard to this case, even if I regret it, because these are two great houses and I think we have better things to do than to fight in court over a question of color,” Pinault said. 

“It will not have escaped your notice that Saint Laurent has had a certain legitimacy regarding the use of this color for many, many years."

Pinault also addressed Louboutin's assertion that PPR had avoided an early settlement because it had underestimated his determination in pursuing the matter further. Louboutin is currently appealing a judge's ruling to refrain from issuing a preliminary injunction against YSL.

“I tried to find an arrangement in the best interest of both brands," Pinault insisted.

"That was not the wish of the house of Louboutin, which decided to attack Saint Laurent."

Ooooooooooh. Guess we won't see Mrs. Pinault (aka Salma Hayek) wearing Loubs anytime soon!