L’Wren Scott Sued Over Lula Handbag

L'ren scott

Photo courtesy of Barneys

L’Wren Scott is being sued over her Lula handbag (above) by LuLA by Angelica Cota.

Back in June, L’Wren Scott introduced a new line of handbags, including a style called Lula. And while it received quite the reception from Barneys, which carries the collection exclusively, one person’s not so thrilled with the arm candy.

LuLA by Angelica Cota's namesake designer is suing Scott for using her patented name, Radar reports.

The suit alleges that Scott’s bag—which, incidentally, was named after her mother—“will irreparably harm [Cota] and will undo all of Cota's hard work in establishing her own identity under the LuLA trademark."

LuLA by Angelica Cota, which is sold at Nordstrom stores and specialty boutiques nationwide, ranges from $35 for a leather and metal keychain to $585 for a leather satchel, with pieces often embellished with her “signature LuLA heart.”

The L'Wren Scott handbag line, on the other hand, is priced between $1,095 for a Nappa leather pouchette and over $20,500 for a crocodile bag.

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