Karlie Kloss Vogue Italia Video Casts Doubt on Photoshop Accusations

Has Vogue Italia found its proverbial smoking gun?

Under suspicion for potentially airbrushing a photo of teen model Karlie Kloss, which was later taken down from its site, the magazine has let slip a behind-the-scenes video which may clear them of any wrongdoing, Styleite reports.

Though the magazine has yet to offer an explanation as to why it pulled the picture, which saw the 19-year-old Kloss popping an awkwardly contorted and muscular hip, many have speculated that the decision was sparked by rumors that the image was Photoshopped to depict an unhealthily thin body.

But as the video of the Steven Meisel shoot shows, Kloss may actually just be that flexible and lean (the latter of which may not appease those who complained that the spread glamorized an unrealistic body type).

The new Victoria's Secret recruit reveals some seriously sculpted abs throughout the video, and does a number of poses that wouldn't be out of place in a yoga class. In one of the video's last scenes, she can be seen making the controversial hip-jutting pose sans special effects.

Case closed? Or will Kloss's slim figure draw more ire? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, this isn't the first time a nude photo shoot of Karile Kloss has ignited controversy.