Needles Found in Walmart Clothes

Needles clothes Walmart
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Some Walmart shoppers got more then they bargained for.

We never thought shopping could be this hazardous to your health.

At least four hypodermic needles have been found among clothing at a Walmart store in Cartersville, Georgia, reports.

Two people, including a 14-year-old girl, were stuck with the needles as they tried on clothes and browsed through the retailer’s merchandise.

"I'm thinking in my mind, you hear all the horror stories about the drug stuff; you pass out, and people can rob you," Patricia Headrick told the site. "Everything started going through my mind. Whose arm was this in; whose body—was this a used needle; am I going to die based on this being in someone's body? I've been on a rollercoaster [sic] all weekend."

The syringe that pricked Headrick was on a package of bras, while 14-year-old Courtney Worthington was stuck with a needle while trying on a pair of pajamas.

Other needles have been found in a pant's pocket and in a pair of socks.

Walmart has encouraged the victims to be tested for HIV and hepatitis, and a spokesperson said that the store’s security is reviewing surveillance tapes to look for a suspect.

There have been no reports of similar incidents occurring at other Walmart locations.