Manolo Blahnik to Design Jewelry for TOUS

Manolo Blahnik Rosa Tous
Photo: PR Newswire
Manolo Blahnik and Madame Tous are collaborating on jewelry.

Prepare to fall head over heels—literally—for Manolo Blahnik's latest design.

The legendary shoe designer has teamed up with TOUS to launch a jewelry collaboration inspired by his iconic Campari heel.

Set to debut in March, the jewelry came about after Blahnik complimented Rosa Tous on her teddy bear pendant at a meeting in Madrid last year. When Tous suggested they work together, Blahnik instantly thought of his famous Mary Jane–style shoe, which he plans to turn into a charm dangling from a gold chain and adorned with a diamond button.

"I love TOUS because I feel we have many things in common," Blahnik says.

"We are family-run businesses, we share Spanish roots, and we are both keen on surprising and innovating."

"I am delighted with the agreement," adds Tous. "Manolo Blahnik shoes are beautiful and an amazing mix between trends and classicism."

Just wait until Carrie Bradshaw hears about this …