Harumika and Anna Chong Design Miniature Versions of Lady Gaga's Clothes

Lady Gaga dresses

Photo courtesy of Harumika

Honey, I shrunk Lady Gaga's wardrobe.

Break out the lunchmeat... we've got some designing to do.

London College of Fashion student Anna Chong has produced a nine-piece collection of miniature tributes to Lady Gaga's most memorable outfits, and she's revealing her crafty secrets in a series of how-to videos.

Chong, who made the tiny garments for miniature dressmaker dolls from toy company Harumika, recommends parma ham for recreating the pop singer's notorious meat dress from the MTV VMAs.

 "I think Lady Gaga has an extreme fashion image," Chong tells FashionEtc in an exclusive interview. "Every single piece worn by her will impress and wow people."

Currently on display at the London Toy Fair, the mini mannequins also feature a Gaga-inspired lobster hat (made from paper), latex dress, American flag two-piece from the "Telephone" video, bubble dress, and red-lace getup with matching hat from the 2009 VMAs.

"I like the spiked dress, but the meat dress is really the highlight of today's Toy Fair," Chong adds.

Barbie is going to be soooooo jealous.