Manolo Blahnik Knockoffs Used to Smuggle Cocaine

manolo blahnkik
The real deal: A drug-free d'Orsay from Manolo Blahnik

Talk about high heels!

Spanish police have arrested a gang of drug smugglers who molded their $630,000 cocaine stash into replicas of Manolo Blahnik heels, the New York Post reports. (We knew they were addictive, but ... )

And while real-deal Blahniks are hardly thrifty, cops says the intoxicating ingredients made each of the confiscated pairs worth an estimated $70,000.

The gang—which included five Colombians and one Spaniard, all of whom are now under arrest following a raid at Barcelona's airport—had allegedly been shipping the druggy designer knockoffs from Colombia to Spain, where they would be hacked up into white powder and distributed to dealers.

The smugglers apparently mixed the cocaine with liquid to form a paste, which was then molded and painted to pass for the It-status shoes. Don't get any ideas, ladies!

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