Stella McCartney Designs New York City Ballet Costumes

Stella McCartney’s sketch  “Ocean’s Kingdom”
Photo courtesy of Women’s Wear Daily
Stella McCartney’s sketch for “Ocean’s Kingdom.”

When Paul McCartney started writing the original score for a new New York City Ballet production, only one person came to mind for the costumes: his daughter, Stella McCartney, Womens Wear Daily reports.

“Ocean’s Kingdom,” which opens on Thursday, follows the story of a sea princess who falls in love with a prince from the earthly kingdom,” according to New York One. It features bright, graphic costumes from the designer—a far cry from her usual sleek, classic fare.

“For me, technically the pieces have to work,” McCartney told WWD. “It’s not only a matter of working with design. The dancers have to be able to leap, twirl and stick a few people in the air.”

It’s the first time Stella has worked with her famous former-Beatle pop, though the elder McCartney has been a very supportive dad; he’s a front-row fixture at her fashion shows.

“It’s interesting. That’s a funny one for me,” she said. “On one side, I am a daughter working with her father, which is an incredibly remarkable experience in life no matter who your father is. It’s also quite an emotional thing. On another side, I know and understand I am working with Paul McCartney.”

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