Nicola Formichetti on Old People: ‘Just Be Old and Go Away’

nicola formichetti
Photo: Getty Images
Nicola Formichetti backstage at the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 menswear show.

Foot, meet mouth...

Weeks after distancing himself from quotes in W magazine that dissed overweight people, Mugler creative director and Lady Gaga BFF Nicola Formichetti is being accused of attacking the elderly in a new interview, the Daily Mail reports.

“I think old people should just be old and go away,” the star stylist reportedly says in the new issue of Elle Collections. “It’s not about being in the industry for 10 years anymore: it’s about good ideas.”

It’s not clear whether the designer was talking about actual senior citizens, or fashion veterans who have been in the business for a long time, but, either way, we imagine 70-something stalwarts like Giorgio Armani and Karl Lagerfeld aren’t impressed.

The controversial comment also may have been in response to criticisms over Formichetti's seemingly overnight success, which saw him go from styling shoots to heading up a major fashion label thanks to the attention his work with Lady Gaga received.

Not surprisingly, his pop star pal also turns up in the interview.

“Even in her position, even on top of her game, she still feels like an outsider,” Formichetti says. “Gaga doesn’t know she is cool. She knows she is a superstar but the fashion industry is completely different for an outsider. It still has this elitist feeling—it’s really scary.”

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if Formichetti stands behind his latest comments. Following the W drama, he posted photos of plus-size models and said, “I know I should just leave it but ... I really hate when writers just write whatever they want ... ‘I don’t work with fat people’ ... why would someone say such a thing?!”

Maybe this time he and the AARP can hug it out?