Kate Middleton Using Personal Shoppers?

kate middleton
Photo: Getty Images
Kate Middleton looking stunning
in a gown by Jenny Packham.

Is it possible that (gasp!) the Duchess of Cambridge isn't such a self-reliant shopper after all?

Just a week after declining the services of a stylist on the grounds that she is "not a clothes horse" and "perfectly happy and confident" choosing her own outfits, according to royal insiders, the brunette beauty is rumored to have enlisted personal shoppers to help build her wardrobe for her upcoming North American tour, Grazia U.K. reports.

Sources tell the fashion magazine that the trend-setting newlywed has sought the advice of in-house personal shoppers at high-end London department stores Selfridges and Harvey Nichols.

Whereas a stylist typically connects with designers and has more control over one's wardrobe, a personal shopper lets the client have the ultimate say, which may suit the royal's confidence and knack for finding outfits (such as her recent Jenny Packham gown, seen left) that suit her.

"At Selfridges we think of our Personal Shopping service as a unique chance for shoppers to experience an extremely considered appointment with some of the most talented stylists in London," James Servini, Selfridges' head of personal shopping, tells FashionEtc.

And while Catherine is a well-documented client at the store, Servini isn't at liberty to confirm any personal shopping appointments, which are offered as a free service, though a store spokeswoman tells us clients typically spend (at their own discretion) upwards of £1,000 (about $1,600 U.S.) at an appointment.

"Naturally, we’re lucky to work with some extremely high-profile clients–from celebrities to members of royal families from around the world–so our discretion is something we have to bear in mind at all times," Servini says.

Still, the Reiss devotee—who just revealed that she doesn't accept designer freebies—isn't giving up total control over her clothing choices just yet. Grazia U.K. reports that she was spied heading to the Alexander McQueen offices with a garment bag in tow. We can hardly wait ...

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