Iris Apfel Drops Toucan Brooch from HSN Line After Knockoff Accusations

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Two birds with one stone? Hanna Bernhard brooch (left) and Iris Apfel's too-similar toucan for HSN (right).

Her "knockoff" toucan brooch may have ruffled feathers, but Iris Apfel is looking to make amends by pulling the piece from her HSN accessories line.

“Iris Apfel’s collection for HSN is intended to share her interpretations of some of her vintage jewelry pieces," HSN tells FashionEtc. "Mrs. Apfel explained to HSN that, like many of her pieces, she purchased her toucan brooch from a flea market and believed it was a vintage piece. As we have discovered that this is not a vintage piece, the brooch will be removed from the collection.”

The drama started after Sea of Shoes blogger Jane Aldridge expressed her disappointment that Apfel had allegedly copied French jewelry brand Hanna Bernhard's gem-studded toucan-head brooch for her own HSN line. Aldridge also posted photos of the 89-year-old style icon wearing the original brooch.

According to Hanna Bernhard designers Nathalie and Fernand, Apfel purchased the brooch from one of their customers in Palm Beach, Fla., which could explain why the Advanced Style favorite mistook it for a vintage piece.

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