Madonna Inspired Anna Sui’s First Runway Show

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Photo: Imaxtree
A look from the Anna Sui Fall 2011 collection

Anyone who’s been to an Anna Sui runway show knows that music is as big a passion for the designer as fashion—season after season, Sui churns out clothes perfect for bringing out your inner rocker. But who knew that if it weren’t for one performer in particular, we might never have had those runway shows to begin with?

In a story on, Sui’s list of musical admirers includes everyone from Courtney Love to Stevie Nicks to Mick Jagger, but it was Madonna who, she says, gave her the confidence to start showing her collections on the runway.

Back in 1990, Sui and photographer Steven Meisel were in Paris, en route to Jean Paul Gaultier’s show, when they stopped at the Ritz to pick up Madonna (naturally).

“In her room, she had shopping bags and racks of clothes from every major designer in Paris,” Sui told Elle. But when they got to the show, the singer told Sui that she had a surprise for her—and took off her coat to reveal her black Anna Sui baby-doll dress underneath.

Sui says that was one moment inspired her to present her creations on the New York Fashion Week runways.

Just one more thing to be grateful to Madonna for, we suppose …

And check out the full Anna Sui Fall 2011 collection.