Lily Aldridge Talks Wedding, Victoria’s Secret Bridal Collection

lily aldridge
Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret
Lily Aldridge looks appropriately angelic in the new Victoria's Secret bridal collection ads.

Of all the supernaturally gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angels to promote the brand’s bridal collection, Lily Aldridge is the obvious choice, being a bride-to-be herself. (If you haven’t been paying attention, the 25-year-old is happily engaged to Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill.)

FashionEtc caught up with Aldridge at the brand’s Lexington Ave. store in New York City for a quick chat about the collection, her anti-Bridezilla attitude, and why she and Followill are a match made in heaven—no pun intended.

What do you love about this bridal collection?

It’s amazing that someone came up with such a wide range for a bridal collection—there’s really not that much cute stuff out there! I’m a soon-to-be bride, so to be able to come here and have all this amazing lingerie to pick from. They have all these accessories, like an eye mask that says “Bride” and a robe that says “Bride”—it’s really fun!

Do you have any favorite pieces?

My favorite is the Dream Angel bra that’s in the campaign, and the panties. I shot [wore] all the stuff at the campaign shoot and it’s all really amazing—there are baby-doll slips and robes and amazing panties—but that was just the one that, on me, was my favorite.

Do you have a wedding date set?

We don't really want to say—but it’s soonish!

How’s the planning going?

The planning is wonderful. It’s really fun. It’s a really amazing experience.

Are you in Bridezilla mode?

I’m not a Bridezilla at all! I’m the opposite. I’m so, so mellow. But I’ve definitely gotten all my stuff together, like what underwear I’m going to wear, my gown, my shoes.

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Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Aldridge in white: The Angel is pure perfection in the Victoria's Secret bridal campaign.

How psyched is your husband-to-be that he’s marrying an Angel?

He’s pretty stoked! He’s really happy. But it’s crazy for me too!

You got the rock star, he got the Angel.

[Laughs] Yeah. We’re a good team!

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