Hayden-Harnett Designs 'Pirates of the Caribbean'–Inspired Collection

Photo: Tal Sphantzer of talfoto.com
Booty call: Hayden-Harnett collaborates with Walt Disney Signature on 'Pirates' line.

After testing the Disney waters with Walt Disney Signature collections inspired by Tron and Fantasia, Brooklyn-based handbag line Hayden-Harnett is jumping back in—to the Caribbean.

The brand’s latest collaboration with Walt Disney Signature, Disney’s upscale adult lifestyle brand, takes its cues from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth film in the über-successful franchise starring Johnny Depp as an oh-so-appealing Captain Jack Sparrow.

The collection includes leather handbags—some with lock details that recall sunken treasure chests—hardware-laden leather cuffs, and silk chiffon scarves with anchor motifs.

"After looking through the incredible inspiration images from Disney's team, I took some elements from their costuming and characters and developed our hardware, leathers, and silhouettes for our Pirates-inspired collection," Toni Hacker, who designs the line alongside Ben Harnett, tells FashionEtc of the line. "It's really been great working with Disney. There's so much inspiration to dig into."

"Their team is incredible and the Disney collaborations have allowed me to push the boundaries of what we normally do with our collections each season," she said. "Honestly, I'm still kind of happily blown away that Walt Disney Signature chose Hayden-Harnett to collaborate with. I think my lizard brain is still wrapping around the fact that they really believe in what we do although we're such a small accessory company. I feel very honored to be working with them."

Hacker, who cites Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Escape From Witch Mountain, and Dumbo as just a few of her favorite Disney classics, has plenty of ideas when it comes to Disney-themed collections. "If I had my choice, I'd love to do a collection inspired by Mary Poppins," she said. "That would be simply incredible! Everyone needs a bottomless bag à la Mary!"

The limited-edition collection will be available May 1 at haydenharnett.com, at Hayden-Harnett’s Brooklyn flagship, and in select retailers. It is available for pre-order online April 1.


Photo: Tal Sphantzer of talfoto.com

Treasures from the Hayden-Harnett x Walt Disney Signature collection.

Meanwhile, the beauty world has also found inspiration in the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' flick. OPI pays tribute to the fourth installment of Johnny Depp's sea-faring adventure with a six-color Spring 2011 Brights Collection (with shades like Skull & Crossbones and Planks a Lot) set to launch in May.