Nicole Miller Launching TV Series

Joe Zee has a television show, Nary Manivong and Bill Cunningham have documentaries, and Kelly Cutrone has appeared on at least four different programs (The Hills, The City, Kell on Earth, and Dr. Phil—if you’re counting). The next fashion face to step in front of the cameras? Nicole Miller.

The designer will star in a Web video series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at her Fall 2011 collection. Nicole Miller TV, which débuts March 14, was created in collaboration with former Bravo program development manager Bernard Grenier and will air on every two weeks.

“We’ve had quick success on Twitter—more than 130,000 people following us,” Miller tells FashionEtc about the idea to start Nicole Miller TV. “The show brings to life many of the things we tweet about. It seemed like a natural extension.”

The first episode, titled “The Nicole Girl” (teaser above), shows Miller and her team planning for the Fall 2011 runway show, from the collection itself to the music and atmosphere.

“Anything caught on videotape was fair game,” Miller says, admitting she was “a little bit” nervous when the cameras first started rolling. “I’m satisfied with the result—I think the realistic approach makes it more interesting.”

“The big thing was getting used to the lights and camera in the room,” she says. “We were working on the Fall 2011 runway collection and I don’t like being distracted when I am doing a show. Some things can be surprising at first but you get used to it. Also, I don’t like certain colors on myself on video that I normally like to wear! So it’s all a learning process.”

Later episodes will take viewers backstage at Fashion Week, as well as follow development, production and sales. But it won’t be all business: According to a lineup of episodes, the series will also feature parties, events, and celebrity interviews.