Leifsdottir Shoes Début

Leifsdotttir shoes

Photos courtesy of Leifsdottir

Three styles from the new Leifsdottir show collection

Leifsdottir’s dreamy bohemian customers can now step even further into the brand's aesthetic with its new shoe line, which débuts this spring.

“Since Leifsdottir launched with apparel in 2008, I’ve had it in my back pocket that I really wanted to do shoes as well!” designer Johanna Uurasjarvi told FashionEtc at the brand’s launch event at Bloomingdale’s. “We had to get the apparel done first—but I was conceiving it all along.”

The line, which ranges from $198 for a simple pair of flat sandals to $428 for beaded and feathered sculptural wedges in python-print leather, also includes simple ballet flats, chunky-heeled sandals, and strappy platforms.

“I have certain design principles—I like to work on the shape first and then add on top of that a layer of excitement,” said Uurasjarvi. “I think taking that process from the apparel and then using it for the shoes really worked. We took our time. I went to our factories. I really wanted to understand the building of the shoes.”

Leifsdottir (Scandinavian for “daughter of Leif”) launched in 2008 as part of the Urban Inc. (parent company to Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People) collection of brands; today, its apparel offerings include floaty, folksy tops and dresses, detailed jackets, silky printed shorts, and more. Bonus: Uurasjarvi’s not stopping with shoes.

“We’re launching handbags next,” she said. “We’ll be shipping those for fall. We did our first photo shoot when we were able to do head-to-toe Leifsdottir, and it was like a dream come true! It was exciting to see it all come together. It really looked strong.”

The Leifsdottir shoe collection is now available at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, select boutiques around the United States, and