Women Spend $164,000 on Makeup Over Lifetime, Study Finds

helen mirrien
Photo: Getty Images
The color of money ... A new study reveals just how much we spend on makeup

Looking this good doesn't come cheap.

A new study from Bionsen deodorant finds that the average woman spends £100,352 (or $164,248 U.S.) on makeup over the course of her lifetime, the Daily Express reports.

So that's where all our money is going.

And while all that dough might also buy a house or, say, 200 or so pairs of Christian Louboutin heels, 57 percent of the 2,200 British women surveyed insisted that they'd rather ditch their boyfriends than go out without makeup. (Another recent study found that one in three women refuse to leave home without their slap on.)

The pricey pampering amounts to about £2,000 (or $3,273 U.S.) forked out at beauty counters per year of adulthood, or about £40 ($65 U.S.) per week.

Two-thirds of women claimed it would cost £550 ($900 U.S.) to replace their makeup haul, while one in 10 put the value at £700 ($1,145 U.S.).

On average, however, a woman's complete beauty stash is worth £512 ($837 U.S.) and contains 54 different items. A woman's "mobile makeup bag"—e.g., the grab-and-go products we take everywhere—is valued at £130 ($213 U.S.) on average.

The study also found that 56 percent of women would be "unconcerned" at shelling out £20 or £30 ($33-$49) on a mascara.

But hey, it might be worth it. Wearing makeup ranked among the top 20 ways women feel sexy in a recent poll.