Perfume Makes Women Feel Sexiest, Poll Finds

vintage woman spraying perfume feel sexy

Photo: Getty Images

Eau, yeah! Want to feel your sexiest? Research says it's as easy as a spritz of perfume.

A date with David Beckham would be nice and all, but when it comes to feeling sexy, all a woman really needs is a splash of Chanel No. 5.

The new poll from British drugstore chain Superdrug has revealed the top 20 tricks women have for making themselves feel special, and wearing perfume ranks number one, the Daily Mail reports.

More than half of the 2,000 British females surveyed said a spritz of fragrance did the trick, while more than a third credited a trip to the salon for highlights or a new color (#4).

Smiling came second in the poll, followed by painting nails (#3), straightening hair (#5), showing cleavage (#6), soaking in a bubble bath (#7), flashing some leg (#8), wearing a push-up bra (#9), and getting a pedicure (#10).

Rounding out the top 20 were putting on heavy eye makeup, hitting the gym, curling hair, wearing red lipstick, donning a tight-fitting top, getting a full-body wax, applying fake tan, wearing false eyelashes, sporting a short skirt, and putting on lots of jewelry (which sounds good to us!).

According to the survey, the average woman spends 38 minutes pampering for a date, compared to just 10 minutes before work. Still, with all that effort, only 7 percent of women say they feel sexy every single day.

Aw. Who needs some CK One