Madison Hohrine: 5-Year-Old YouTube Makeup Guru

Photo: Mary Hohrine
Madison Hohrine, the 5-year-old YouTube makeup tutorial sensation

Playing with Mommy's makeup bag would have gotten us a trip to the naughty step. For 5-year-old Madison Hohrine, however, it's the fast track to becoming the next Gucci Westman or Pat McGrath.

The precocious tot from Hurst, Texas has become a YouTube sensation (1.2 million clicks and counting!) thanks to her surprisingly savvy makeup tutorials, Good Morning America reports.

And though little Madison is too young herself to rock a smoky eye, she certainly knows her way around a beauty counter.

"[This is] a really soft brush," the pink toy Jeep-driving grade-schooler says in a "'torial" on makeup brushes. "I like it to blend the makeup out on my eye, and I use it most of the time ... This [brush] I just use for powder to wipe on my face."

Madison started posting the videos after seeing similar YouTube makeup tutorials with her mother Mary. While the pint-sized cutie has strong opinions about glamming up, she's hard-pressed to name just one favorite beauty product (though she does have an entire video devoted to MAC lip gloss).

"If you watch her videos, she loves everything," Mary tells FashionEtc. "Her catch phrase is 'I really love it, you got to try it!'"

Some parenting experts, however, aren't so in love with the idea of a little girl dispensing makeup advice.

"It's weird for a little girl to know about contouring and makeup and angles," Dr. Logan Levkoff, author of the book Third Base Ain't What it Used to Be, told Good Morning America. "We have a society where we sexualize little girls, almost from birth on.

"The fact is all these Toddlers & Tiaras shows, the products, whether it's push-up bras for tween girls or shapeups for girls to firm their butts, all of this sends the message that our girls aren't good enough. It's the message that our girls aren't valued."

Mary Hohrine dismisses the criticism, saying the videos are harmless and that her daughter isn't allowed to doll herself up all the time.

"The reaction from GMA has been so positive," she tells us. "They adore her, they think she has a great personality, and they know she is just playing, and doesn't wear makeup every day."

Oh, and mark your calendars: Madison is launching a July 4th-themed video soon.