Mindy Kaling Chats Shopping & What Styles Men Hate on NPR

Mindy Kaling
Photo: Patrick McMullan

Who watched The Mindy Project last night?

We have high hopes for the sitcom helmed by Mindy Kaling (or shall we say, Marge Simpson?) and further amping up our excitement is her chat with Fresh Air's Terry Gross on NPR.

It's especially entertaining to hear Gross, always a thoughtful, cerebral interviewer, complain about being unable to find clothes for her petite frame ("You are what we call #humblebragging on Twitter," Kaling says) and talk to the writer-actress about all things style.

Some choice tidbits:

"There are like a list of 15 things that women tend to love and men tend to not like fashion wise." They include, based on Kaling's "unscientific research done by working with male comedy writers for the past eight years":

"Men tend to not understand or like sequins very much. Men don't like the wedge shoe. I have noticed men don't tend to like the statement necklace or chunky tribal jewelry. These are all the things by the way that I love...In the Venn diagram of things that men hate for women to wear and the things that I love to wear, is almost a full overlap…which is unfortunate for me."

(Also? Capri pants.)

"This is not clothing, but I adore a short haircut. I don't know a single man, including my own brother, my own father, if I cut my hair shorter than my shoulders they think it's a huge tragedy which is again too bad because I would live to have that Audrey Hepburn short sort of hairstyle."

Don't hold your breath for a resurgence of her shopping-centric blog. One, it's more than a little time-consuming running your own show, and two, "I never thought I would say this aloud but because on the show, I'm allowed to largely dictate the style of the character, I have lost my interest a clothing shopping."

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