Nicole Miller Talks Twiggy, SoulCycle and Her Design Inspiration

Photo: Getty Images
Nicole Miller

Prepping for her Spring 2013 show, Nicole Miller took some time to talk to FashionEtc about her first fashion memory, where she finds inspiration and her love of food and travel.

What inspired you to become a designer?

My mother is from Paris, and I always been inspired by these amazing pictures I have of her dressed incredibly in Paris.

What was your first fashion memory and role model?

Twiggy! I just loved Twiggy. She was so awesome.

What influenced your latest collection?

I was inspired from seeing parallels from the past playing out in the present, both socially and politically. I referenced iconic personalities from the early 70s while designing the collection, updating vintage silhouettes for the modern woman.

If you could walk down the street and see someone wearing your clothes, who would you be most excited to see and why?

Anyone who looks good in them. I design my clothes to fit multiple body types, and use flattering cuts so anyone can look good and feel confident in my clothes.

What charities are important to you, and why?

Riverkeeper, and Rocky Mountain Institute.

You are a foodie, and you write a food column. What are the dishes you love to cook? How do you stay so slim?

I love cooking ethnic foods, especially Vietnamese and South American dishes. I stay in shape with Soulcycle – I swear by it!

What are your favorite places in the world?

St. Bart’s, Tokyo, Costa Rica, Jamaica, San Miguel de Allende, New Orleans, and Rio.

Stay tuned for a review of her Spring 2013 collection.