Philanthropy in Fashion: Michael Kors Teams Up with God's Love We Deliver

Michael Kors Gods Love We Deliver

Photo courtesy of Michael Kors

Blaine Trump, husband Lance Le Pere, Michael Kors, and President/CEO John Idol volunteering

We've already seen what "Living the Kors Life" means (refresher: it's super chic), but now there's a charitable addendum to the design company's maxim.

The soundbite-ready designer isn't coasting by on his company's billions, but rather, Michael Kors is spreading the goodwill all around.

Ever heard of God's Love We Deliver? The organization, with which Kors has been involved for years, preps and delivers over 4,500 meals each weekday for New Yorkers with limiting circumstances.

July was "Michael Kors Month" in celebration of his participation, and employees were encouraged to drop by during the workday to volunteer. (It's August, but don't worry: the volunteering continues, just during non-work hours.)

In further honor of Kors' involvement, God's Love We Deliver will award the designer the 2012 Golden Heart Award for Lifetime Achievement in October.

Charity: always chic.