Joe Zee on London Fashion Week, Packing Tips, and Dance Classes

Photo: Patrick McMullan
Joe Zee.

You know a show is good when it gets Joe Zee to make a special trip to London. After marveling at Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2012 show, FashionEtc caught up with the amiable Elle creative director at a small soiree hosted by the label at Soho House, where he explained why it's the only London Fashion Week show he hit, how Ralph Lauren won his heart, and where you can find him busting a move in the Big Smoke.

What is it about Burberry that has you coming all this way?

It's my tradition. Burberry has always been my mainstay. I always come a day or two before Milan [Fashion Week]. I can't imagine starting my Fashion Week trek without it.

And what did you think of the Fall 2012 collection?

I always love their Fall/Winter collections, because they have such strong outerwear. It's all about the coats. And I'd secretly love to be the Burberry guy—skinny, cute, British ...

You're there! You just need to work on the British accent.

And get an umbrella with a duck handle.

Since you're traveling so much, do you have any tips on packing?

I always overpack. Luckily I got it right this time because my boyfriend is very organized and detail-oriented. He's my editor. He goes through and says, "Take that suit, don't take this ... " We pared it down.

What shows did you enjoy the most during New York Fashion Week?

Prabal Gurung ... Marc Jacobs is always good. I feel like that's kind of a cliché to say. Calvin Klein ... Ralph Lauren was beautiful. I mean, they started out with the Downton Abbey theme! Oh my god. When I heard that it was like, you had me at hello.

Is there anything else you try to do or see while you're in London?

I love to sneak in and take a class at Pineapple Dance Studios—whatever's available, but normally hip-hop.