CFDA Nominees in Their Own Words

joseph altuzarra
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Joseph Altuzarra

"I think there's always been this myth that the person you're dressing is this 25-year-old model, which we now know is not the truth," he said. "I was really interested in focusing on someone who was a little bit older and who had this professional life." Read more from Joseph Altuzarra.

alejandro ingelmo
Photos courtesy of Alejandro Ingelmo
Alejandro Ingelmo

How much do you follow trends?

I'll be honest with you, I've never followed trends, I've kind of just done my own thing, and that's what I'm about. I'm always going to do what I do, that's part of my DNA. I feel like it's so important as a designer, as a business to have that DNA of what you're about and not steer away from that because it sets you apart from the rest. And I think people appreciate it. It's a longer route to take but I think it's a little bit more solid. Read more from Alejandro Ingelmo.

eddie borgo
Photos: Paul Maffi | courtesy of Eddie Borgo
Eddie Borgo

Do you feel there's pressure on young designers to be a huge success in two years?

Yes, there is a lot of pressure. But we knew a year, two years out exactly what we wanted to accomplish. We're not looking to take over the world of costume jewelry. We're just trying to introduce and reintroduce collections season after season that are impactful and that people enjoy. We're trying to create a quality product that's produced and manufactured in the USA. I feel very proud of what we're pushing out there. Read more from Eddie Borgo.