Richard Chai on Acura Gloves, Superheroes, and Driving Habits

Photo courtesy of Richard Chai
Driving force: Richard Chai x Acura gloves

Another day, another unexpected pairing.

Designer Richard Chai has teamed up with Acura (yes, the car company) to create a pair of gloves inspired by Thor (yes, the action movie).

Chai, who was approached about the project through Hollywood talent agency CAA, is not new to creating the accessory (gloves have been a part of past runway shows)—though this time around, the inspiration was decidedly different from his past themes of California surfers and backpackers.

“I was inspired by the Acura TL cars that were the official vehicles for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the movie,” Chai told FashionEtc. "The interior of the cars was my starting point; Acura’s use of different materials and curved seamlines inspired the black leather and charcoal suede I used to make the gloves.”

Richard Chai, comic book nerd? “I love superheroes,” he said. “Who wouldn’t to possess super-human powers?!”

The Richard Chai x Acura glove, which will retail for $225 at Odin New York beginning in July, comes complete with an embossed Acura symbol on the closing snap and the logo for S.H.I.E.L.D. (that’s the intelligence and security organization of the Marvel Universe, for those unversed in all things Thor) on the inside hangtag.

So will Chai wear the gloves when he gets behind the wheel? He should, if his characterization of his driving skill is any indication: “I’m like Speed Racer!”