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Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter didn’t join her cast mates at the SAG Awards on Sunday—not because of her split from nominee husband Michael C. Hall—but because she’s appearing in a play in New York.

“It was nice, I didn’t have to get dressed up,” Carpenter said with a laugh at Monday’s opening night.

In the play, Gruesome Playground Injuries, Carpenter and co-star Pablo Schreiber spend the entire 80 minutes on stage, changing the sets and props themselves.

All that time without an intermission: Doesn’t nature ever call?

“I never realize I have to go to the bathroom,” Carpenter said. “Maybe when I step off stage after curtain call, I go, Oh, that’s there too! I’ve got to pee.”

Carpenter hasn’t had any mishaps despite all that activity—the two even change costumes between scenes right on the stage—but she gleefully recited her co-star’s faux pas: “Pablo has knocked a chair into the audience, he’s jammed a bed into a wall.”

A bemused Schreiber, who is in the new FX series Lights Out, didn’t deny those klutzy moves.

“Yeah, I knocked a chair into the audience, I knocked the [prop] bucket over onto the bed and spilled it,” he said. “She has not messed up once,” he added.

A slew of famous friends including John Slattery, Zoe Kazan, Victor Garber, and Eric Bogosian turned up at the Second Stage Theatre for opening night. At the packed afterparty at Dopo Teatro, we spotted Liev Schreiber, Pablo’s half-brother, in the crowd.

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Jill Kargman Jonathan Tisch Lizzie Tisch

Jill Kargman is known for writing witty chick-lit. She's gotten quite a following from these books that always have a hidden lesson, a triumph of good over evil, if you can call it that in the rarefied world of New York's Upper East Side.

Her new book, Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut, is a memoir, her first foray into nonfiction. I asked Jill if writing about herself had made her feel more vulnerable.

"YES! Much more vulnerable! It's not a real memoir because it's snippets and lists in essay and chart form, so it's more of a comedy. 'Memoir' somehow implies I'm limbless or was raped as a child," was her typical Jill answer.

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Ivana Lowell

I am fortunate to have many friends who write books. Some of these books are better than others, but for the most part they range from mildly amusing to utterly enthralling. Ivana Lowell's book, Why Not Say What Happened?, is definitely the latter.

I sat down with the intention of casually perusing it for 15 minutes, and a few hours later I emerged, mesmerized, moved, astonished that Ivana could write so uplifting a book about her life—a life fraught with family tragedy, addiction, abuse, and neglect, all hidden under the veneer of the English aristocracy and the glamour of the bohemian elite.

Ivana's mother, Lady Caroline Blackwood, was an accomplished writer who married, and lived with, a string of creative powerhouses, among them Lucian Freud and Robert Lowell. Who was Ivana's father? You'll have to read the book to find out, because as one reviewer put it, it's a "genetic whodunit."

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oscar de la renta iman pat cleveland

Fashion folks braved Monday’s single-digit temperatures to attend the Metropolitan Museum’s luncheon honoring the models of the Grand Divertissement à Versailles, a little-known 1973 fashion show credited with putting American fashion on the map.

Five American designers—Oscar de la Renta, Stephen Burrows, Halston, Bill Blass, and Anne Klein—wowed the French with their minimalist designs on a multicultural mix of models.

Eight of those models attended Monday’s luncheon, hosted by de la Renta and Burrows, the only surviving designers.

“The designers themselves said, 'Well, it was those black girls that were on the stage, and they just transformed the presentation,'” Costume Institute curator Harold Koda explained.

The idea to celebrate the models formed last year when Koda sat next to one of them, Alva Chinn.

“It was sort of in my mind: There must be something related to the fashion models themselves that was significant in terms of bringing women of color into breaking through the white establishment of fashion,” he said.

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