7 Unique Gift Ideas

It can be incredibly difficult to decide on a gift, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas and whether it’s for a family member, or a friend makes a big difference too. You want to be sure that they will enjoy the gift, but you don’t want to give them something boring and forgettable like soap or a standard box of chocolates.

Giving something different each year and for each occasion that will go down as a success can be challenging, but the reward is worth it for their reaction! If you want to give a gift that’s better than a gift card, then take notes of these great gift ideas.

1. Personalize

Many online stores offer personalization nowadays, from mugs to t-shirts to phone cases, so it’s easier than ever to get someone a gift that is completely theirs and different from anything else on the high street. It will show the gift receiver that you truly know them, and it will make them feel appreciated on their special day, whatever the day is.

2. Weekend Away

Book a weekend away as a gift, or even just a day out. Spending time together is a gift that cannot be priced; it’s invaluable and it will give you tons of memories to look back on together. Just remember to take photos to remember the special occasion!

3. Subscriptions

If your pal absolutely loves wine, sign them up for the Wine of the Month Club. Every month, they will receive two gorgeous bottles of wine to enjoy and cherish, and each time they will think of you and your gift. The first shipment even comes with a personalized gift card that you can write your message on! Wine is a universal message; it’ll say whatever you want it to say.

4. Get Creative

If you want to go the extra mile on your gift, you could hand-make it! A handmade necklace or personally designed photo frame would make a beautiful and one of a kind gift that your recipient will treasure forever. Sometimes, the perfect gift isn’t something you can buy but something you put your heart and soul into creating. Medieval pop collectibles is another creative gift idea, which can include replicas, costumes, or vintage decor.

5. A Copy of Your Favorite Book

This may sound a little pretentious, but sharing your favorite book, for example, can be a vulnerable thing and a great gift to share with someone that you care deeply about. It will give you both something to talk about and gush over, and it will be a shared experience for you both to enjoy.

6. Pajamas

Sounds boring? Only if you make them that way! A pair of luxurious pajamas with a beautiful print can make a great gift, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to lounge around?

7. A Personalized Playlist

Mixtapes may have been left in the 90s, but the idea of compiling a list of music you think a person will enjoy is still a heartwarming one. If you’re having a party for the occasion, you can have it on repeat all night.