Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Manicure: Essie and Bourjois Nail Polish

kate middleton wedding manicure Essie 423 Allure Bourjois No. 28 Rose Lounge
Kate Middleton wore Bourjois No. 28 Rose Lounge and Essie 423 Allure for the big day.

When Prince William slipped that Welsh gold wedding band on Kate Middleton's finger, he had a prime view of her royal wedding manicure—and we have the details.

After being treated to a £36 (around $60) "signature manicure" by the Duchess of Cornwall the bride is said to have been sporting a special mixture of "off-white and bridal" nail shades including Bourjois No. 28 Rose Lounge and Essie 423 Allure, the Daily Mail reports.

Nail stylist Marina Sandoval from Jo Hansford's London salon tells the paper she traveled to Clarence House on the morning of April 29 to give Middleton a luxury soak, exfoliation, deep-tissue hand massage, and a filing, buffing and polishing.

While the Essie polish retails for $8, the Bourjois shade sells for approximately $10.

"She was so happy and spoke about how much she was looking forward to the wedding," Sandoval reveals. "I can't tell you how excited she was. She is an incredibly beautiful young woman in the flesh and was incredibly relaxed given what is ahead of her. She didn't display an ounce of nerves and said she was just happy the day was here at last.

"Catherine wanted something very natural looking and I felt these [nail shades] matched her skin color beautifully. She wanted something off-white and bridal so these were absolutely perfect. She was very pleased with the result and told me that it looked beautiful and elegant. I can't wait to see the result when Prince William places his ring on her finger."

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