Versace for H&M Shopping Rules

H&M / Versace
Photo courtesy of H&M
Want to get your hands on the Versace for H&M collection? Better play by the rules!

Even the most seasoned of shoppers best brush up on their skills by November 19, the day Versace for H&M goes on sale in the States, as the limited-edition collection is sure to cause a veritable frenzy in stores.

To prepare for the madness, H&M has set some ground rules.

First things first: You’re going to need to be one of the first 280 people at your store of choice if you’re hoping to get your hands on the good stuff: those customers will be sorted into 14 groups of 20 and be given corresponding wristbands. Each group will then get 15 minutes to shop ‘til they drop.

Of course, even if you get into one of those 14 groups, it’s not exactly a free-for-all.

Customers can only buy two of any item, to discourage shoppers from scooping up indeterminate styles/sizes and re-selling them—though if the Missoni for Target collection is any indication, we expect that eBay will be a hotspot for majorly marked-up pieces from the Donatella-designed line.

Once the 14 groups have finished (three and a half hours after the stores open their doors), the collection (or what's left of it!) will be available for purchase by anyone entering the store.

Better unearth those sleeping bags.

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