Missoni for Target Bike Sells for Over $1,200 on eBay

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Photo courtesy of Target

Picking up speed: The Missoni for Target bike has sold for over $1,200 on eBay.

Missoni’s recent Target collaboration has already become the stuff of legend: The day it launched, an inundation of eager shoppers managed to crash the retailer’s Web site.

Many of those shoppers likely snapped up the zigzag looks for themselves, friends, and family—but if eBay is any indication, some turned the in-demand designs right around ... for a price.

The New York Times reports that a Missoni for Target bicycle, which retailed for $399.99, went for $1,279.95 on eBay. (Much has already been made of the eBay seller attempting to sell a pair of the $34.99 rain boots for $31,000, claiming she’ll use the money to pay her daughter’s college tuition.)

“It’s been pure craziness trying to keep up with the orders,” Susan Mayorga, one eBay seller who reportedly stocked up on Missoni for Target at an “undertrafficked” store, told the Times. “I look at what other sellers are getting and I kick myself that I’m not asking for more.”

While the recent Missoni madness still has traction on eBay, it’s not the only fast fashion collaboration that's caused a reselling frenzy. Mulberry and Liberty of London for Target items have also been sold at a major markup on the auction site, however, collections such as Erin Fetherston for Target and Matthew Williamson for H&M weren’t quite as sought after the second time around.

“It’s the limited availability that’s the secret,” said Linda Lightman, the owner of eBay store Linda’s Stuff. “It keeps up the demand, whereas discount diffusion lines that are ongoing like Vera Wang at Kohl’s aren’t great sellers for us.”

In related news, Jason Wu’s line for Target hits stores in February. On your mark, get set …

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