Uniqlo’s Largest Store to Open in Midtown Manhattan

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Photo: Amina Akhtar

Uniqlo has opened its new 85,000 sq foot flagship store on 53rd and Fifth Ave in Manhattan

Japanese retailer Uniqlo has heeded the cries of Midtowners and is opening its new flagship on 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. The store—at 85,000 sq feet—is also the largest Uniqlo in the world.

So what exactly sets this store apart from its Soho and international counterparts—aside from the sheer size? The layout, for one. This giant, multi-floor extravaganza is smartly spread out; wide, open hallways and seating areas ensure shoppers won't feel claustrophobic, no matter the crowd size.

New and notable features include customer service desks (for alterations—yes, they tailor!) and a heatwave hallway with LED screens. Alas, it isn't a mirrored sauna like we'd hoped.

Other surprises like light-up stairs, various designer sections, and digital walls displaying the current ad campaign just hammer home that this is no regular store. It's Uniqlo. Oh, and those skinny jeans you're eyeing will go for just $9.90 when the doors swing open to the public on Friday, October 14. Go forth and shop.

For those of you not near a Uniqlo store, there is now online shopping!

And check out what the retailer's fashion director, Nicola Formichetti, revealed when we recently caught up with him.