Suddenlee Adds Uniqlo Online Shopping



 Finally! Uniqlo e-commerce, available through

Now that Zara has finally sorted out its U.S. online shopping, we can focus on more pressing issues: getting our hands on the final Uniqlo +J collection without having to cross the threshold of an actual store and shoot death glares at the long line of people ahead of us. (Hey, we're busy.)

Thankfully, new e-commerce hub, which dispatches its employees to personally pick up the items on your wish list from online-challenged stores like H&M, has added Uniqlo to its providers.

The move couldn't have come at a better time, as it gives shoppers just enough time to pick up a tuxedo jacket or sleeveless dress from the +J collection before the retailer ends its collaboration with Jil Sander for good. (Never forget!)

Now, who's going to warn your wallet?

Meanwhile, we recently caught up with Uniqlo fashion director Nicola Formichetti.