American Apparel Ads Get Slammed for Exposed Derrieres

It wouldn't be a normal news day without some kind of American Apparel controversy. 

This time, the hipster-favorite retailer is causing a stir over a risque advertisement featuring two almost-naked models wearing tights that expose their rear-ends.

According to The Telegraph, the sexually explicit ads featuring under-age models, received their first round of backlash after a woman took her 12-year-old daughter to an American Apparel store that was covered in the overtly sexual ads. 

For anyone who's ever been in an American Apparel store, this should come as no surprise; but let's take a moment to acknowledge the fact that no one is looking at the backless tights in the campaign (also, for the record we've never felt the need to wear buttless tights).

Despite American Apparel's claim that the ads "were a fair representation of [the] product line," the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) begged to differ.

"We considered both poses were sexually provocative and concluded that the images were irresponsible and likely to cause widespread offense, because they were displayed on a website which could be viewed by, and was likely to have appeal to, children under 16 years of age." 

As a result, the ASA demanded that "the ads must not appear again."