Avatars and Purple Dolphins Decorate Proenza Schouler's Fall Fashion Video

Avatars in Proenza Schouler's "Desert Video"

What do purple dolphins have to do with Proenza Schouler? We're not entirely sure...

The brand's fall 2012 film, "Desert Video," features four Proenza-clad avatars dancing in the desert (cause that makes sense), a white car (cause that makes even more sense), and yes, a purple dolphin.

We obviously don't need to tell you that this is one of the strangest fashion films we've ever seen, but the even weirder part is that we actually kind of like it! 

Maybe that's because it's a Proenza Schouler video and Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez can do no wrong, or maybe it's just because we've never seen anything like it, but there's something about this video that's straight-up cool.

Kind of like those fashion video games from the 90s that never really caught on...

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