Top 10 Fashion Tweets About Hurricane Sandy


Water reaches the street level of the flooded Battery Park Underpass.

Those of you who still had power last night no doubt took to Twitter last night for the latest Hurricane Sandy news updates and, perhaps, even a bit of comic relief to help calm those nerves.

So, it seems, did the fashion industry, with models, designers, bloggers, reporters, and more keeping up the 'we're all in this together' spirit with posts about 'Frankenstorm.

Here are the ones that helped us get through a seriously crappy day. Stay cool (and dry), New Yorkers!

1. "Sky turned green, lights flickered, TV sound blew, but then...we powered through it. We're going to get through this dammit." — Joe Zee

2. "WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT." — Man Repeller Leandra Medine

3. "Why do I feel like I'm always waiting for some annoying girl with an annoying name? #Sandy" — Derek Blasberg

4. "I just saw a branch go by my window. Very eerie. This isn't Kansas and I'm not Dorothy. #Sandy" — Kenneth Cole

5. "My thoughts and prayers are with everyone's closets in NY and that nobody's apt gets flooded and their wardrobes get damaged. It's happened." —Tommy Ton

6. "Stocked up on candy, pizza rolls, and orange soda so I'm ready for this weather." — Christian Siriano

7. "Blowing out my hair. I want to look my best for #Sandy. Translation: Bored to tears but bored is better than scared!" — DKNY PR Girl

8. "Either way I'm going to brush my teeth in Pellegrino." — Oscar PR Girl

9. "It literally took a hurricane to get Toni Braxton to stop trending." — Chrissy Teigen

10. "SANDY HAS CLOSED BARTINI! First the stock exchange and now this." — CFDA's Steven Kolb