Jessica Simpson Reveals Wedding Dress Details and Her Wild Side(s)

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Photo: Twitter

The many sides of Simpson: Jessica lets loose in a leopard-print bodysuit.

She’s been a pop princess, reality star, movie actress, country singer, and fashion designer/entrepreneur, but there are still facets of Jessica Simpson that have not yet been revealed. Until now.

The singer recently posted a photo of herself on Twitter dressed in a belted leopard-print bodysuit, fishnet stockings, and black heels, and teased that she was unleashing her true self—or make that selves.

United States of Tara? Which one is my REAL personality?” she tweeted, referring to the popular Showtime series in which Toni Collette plays a woman with multiple personality disorder.

While Collette’s character transforms into a 1950s housewife, a Vietnam vet, a pop psychologist, and a troublemaking tot, we’d say Simpson’s other sides seem more Jane (yes, we're talking Tarzan), pinup girl, and blonde bombshell, with a dash of Dolly Parton for good measure.

Currently gearing up for her wedding to former NFL player Eric Johnson, Simpson promises that her gown’s neckline will bare just as much as that of her bodysuit.

“I like my collar bone,” she told People. “I have a long neck, so I like to show off my décolletage.”

Simpson added that she’s looking for a dress in a “lighter color”—maybe a pink Monique Lhuillier like Reese Witherspoon?—and is letting her bridal party choose their own attire.

“I definitely would want all my bridesmaids to be in everything different,” she said. “Just [to reflect] what their personalities are.”

If their personalities are anything like Simpson’s, this should be a verrry interesting wedding!