Rihanna Reveals New Dark, Shaved Hairstyle

Photo: Instagram

Rihanna shows off her shaved hairstyle.

Has Rihanna found a new hair muse in Chanel campaign star Alice Dellal?

After flirting with flaming red curls, platinum pixies, and blonde bouffants, the pop star took to Twitter to show off her latest hair transformation, a long black mane with heavy sideswept bangs and Dellal's punk-chic undercut.

"Cuz I'm black b*tch," the feisty Armani campaign star tweeted of the bold new 'do (no doubt courtesy of go-to hairstylist Ursula Stephen), sharing photos that see her flashing some rock star attitude in a gray Rolling Stones concert tee from River Island and red leopard-print jeans.

Moves like Jagger and hair like Dellal? Sounds like a winning combination.