Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake Cover Elle

justin timberlake mila kunis elle magazine
Photo courtesy of Elle
Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake on the August cover of Elle

With their film Friends With Benefits about to hit theaters, Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake climb into bed for Elle magazine’s August issue.

For the cover, the co-stars wear stark Lanvin—Kunis in a strapless, sharp-bodiced dress and Timberlake in a crisp white shirt and inky tie.

The black-and-white looks continue inside, where the actress slips into a Chantilly lace cocktail dress by Tom Ford, a Chanel jumpsuit, and a marabou-trimmed Ralph Lauren confection. (Ever since Black Swan, stylists can’t seem to stop dressing her in feathers.) JT keeps it simple in a Lanvin gingham shirt.

In their revealing interview, the two currently single actors open up about the shades of gray in friendship and romance.

Both agree that being “friends with benefits” rarely works smoothly in real life. Timberlake tells Elle, “It is such a good idea—until it’s a bad idea.”

Kunis agrees that “more times than not, a person catches feelings and somebody gets hurt.”

justin timberlake mila kunis elle magazine
Photo courtesy of Elle
Kunis and Timberlake get cozy in Elle.

In the rom-com, they both show quite a bit of skin. Timberlake has said that he had an “if not now, when?” attitude to the scantily clad scenes.

But to Elle he confesses, “I’ll be honest and say, like, I’m still trying to get into the editing room and cut down on my ass time. I’m like, ‘Oh my God, my mom’s gonna see that!’”

It’s not all his mother has seen. The new MySpace investor admits that his mother once caught him in flagrante.

“My mom wasn’t cool about it,” he says, “I was too young to be in bed with a girl, so she was upset.” Kunis believes she’s in the clear: “I don’t think my parents think I’ve ever had sex.”

During the filming, the brunette beauty found a new way to get under the singer/designer/actor’s skin. She would serenade everyone in the makeup trailer while getting ready for a scene, even though she can’t sing.

“Couldn’t carry a tune if I put it in a bucket for her,” says Timberlake. “It’s awesome, though, because she does not give a shit.”

For a more of the dynamic duo, visit Elle online and pick up the August issue, on newsstands July 19.