Kate Moss Wedding Shoes: Manolo Blahnik?

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Photo: Getty Images
A shoe-in? Kate Moss may walk down the aisle in a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

We can't help but picture Kate Moss walking down the aisle in mud-spluttered, Glastonbury-issue wellies paired with skinny jeans and a fur coat, but, hey, Manolo Blahnik isn't too shabby.

The supermodel—set to wed rocker Jamie Hince on July 1—has tongues wagging about her wedding ensemble after being spied leaving Manolo Blahnik's London boutique with a weighed-down shopping bag on June 29, Look reports.

While the shopping trip could be completely unrelated to the hotly anticipated "Mosstock" nuptials, it would be exciting to see the Dior Addict spokesmodel get her Carrie Bradshaw on—especially since, like the character, her wedding is reportedly getting its own Vogue feature in September.

In the dress department, it's anyone's guess as to what the British model will be wearing for her big day. John Galliano is still being touted as a strong contender despite his rehab stint and Dior woes, while Stella McCartney (whose headquarters were just visited by the Miu Miu-clad model, according to the Daily Mail), Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton (who certainly knows how to handle those British Kates), and even Moss herself have been suggested as possibilities.

Our money's on Galliano or Burton, but we fully expect Moss, who also hit up vintage boutique Rellik on June 29, Vogue U.K. reports, to have two dresses: one for the ceremony and a second for the rock 'n' roll-themed reception.

Ivory feathers and fringe, anyone?

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