New Beauty Trend: Gold Hair?

Photo: Getty Images

Golden Girl Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger.

Forget ombre, pink or salt-n-pepper strands, hair trends are about to get a luxe new spin where nothing is as good as gold.

A new dying technique will give hair the hue of gilded precious metal, appearing a bold shade of red under UV lights, according to the Daily Mail.

Researchers at Paris’ University of Pierre and Marie Curie reported the discovery of a new chemical process using precious metals to dye hair a real golden shade.

As any woman who spends obscene amounts on manicures, blowouts and highlights would know, beauty comes at a price, and these new golden locks are an expensive and extensive process. First bleached white, it then takes seven hours of dyeing before strands show even a subtle hint of a gold tint.

The dye is actually relatively affordable (about $30 per head) since only a small amount of gold is actually used, so the cash you'll be shelling out will be for the procedure, not the product.

We can only imagine whether the golden girl look will catch on and become a salon staple?